The Best Garage Door Repair Parts

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How can I make sure sensors are aligned?

One sensor has a red light, which is always on. The other one is green. If something happens to the opener sensors, our experts say that the green light will go off. This way, you'll know that the sensors need adjustment. You'll know the sensors are aligned when the green light comes back on.

How often should I replace the garage door?

Depending on the local weather conditions, use, frequency of maintenance, and quality of materials, garage doors should last for decades. The only reason for having them replaced any time sooner is destruction, personal preference, or bad initial choice. It's also good to replace the existing garage door when its material starts to rot.

Why isn't my garage door opening?

There are a lot of things that could've gone wrong that resulted in your garage door not opening. The batteries in your remote might be dead. Your torsion or extension springs might have snapped. The cables may have been disconnected from the garage door. Your opener's circuitry may have been fried by an electrical surge. These are some of the reasons why your door might not be opening.

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