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Learn how to deal with garage door spring and opener issues with the help of these tips. Learn the best ways to deal with garage door issues by carefully reading the following tips

Check for missing bolts and screws as part of maintenance

This is one of the major garage door maintenance tasks, according to our experts in Upland. Missing bolts and crews must be replaced immediately. The new ones should be properly tightened. At the same time, they should not be too tight. This is important since great tightness may cause damage.

Always check the R-value when buying a garage door

The R-value is a measure of the thermal resistance of structures and materials. It shows how effectively the material prevents heat loss. The higher the R-value of a door is, the better its insulating properties are. A model with a higher R-value will help to keep you to save energy used for heating and cooling and to reduce your bill.

Garage door security

Do not leave your garage door open because it can easily attract thieves. Never leave the remote control in public places where anyone can get it. Use a keychain remote so you can always carry it with you. Use rolling code technology to randomly change the code if required.

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